Your honeymoon is more than a vacation, it is an extension of your wedding.  It is the part of your wedding that is just for you!  There is no “right” way to do a honeymoon; it is as unique as the two of you.

Some things to think about before you talk to me, or any travel agent:

  • Do either of you have a vision of what your honeymoon looks like?
  • Do you want to go n your honeymoon right after your wedding, a few days later, or a few months later?
  • What activities do you like to do together?  For instance: if one of you likes to gamble but the other doesn’t, a resort with a casino might not be where you want to spend your honeymoon.  Save that trip for another time.  Your honeymoon should bring out the things you like to do together.  Do you both hike? Golf? Drink tequila?  There is no right answer.
  • What is your budget?  Be realistic, you are already saving for a wedding and will need to think about whether you want to spend $2,000, $4,000 or $10,000 additional dollars.  Do you just want a something relaxing, or the trip of a lifetime to mark the beginning of your new life?  Do you want to put it on your wedding registry and have others help with the payment?

Here are some honeymoons I have helped with recently:

  • A trip to Punta Cana to an upscale resort that included swimming with dolphins and a speed boat rental.
  • A Bahamas resort with a butler and elite golfing.
  • Jungle paradise in Costa Rica with hot springs and a volcano followed by a few days on the beach.
  • A low cost option in Riviera Maya that was still ultra sheek and ocean view.

Some of the resorts that are popular with couples:  Sandals, Couples, Secrets  and I am familiar with them all.  BUT, don’t rule out the independent resorts.  Like which one…try The Springs in Costa Rica!