Why use a travel agent?

Brenda and Tammy Snorkel

With everything on the internet, why use a travel agent?

All of that information can be daunting and an agent usually knows some of the things the websites aren’t telling you (like meals aren’t included; the ride there is two hours; or the beach washed away last month).  We not only spend hours on training each month, we travel to the resorts to check them out for you.

What if there are issues getting there?  Your flight cancels, a storm grounds the flights, you forgot to change your name on your passport.  A travel agent can help you work through the emergencies and make sure someone is taking care of you.

How do I get paid?  NOT BY YOU!  A travel agent gets commissions and travel bonuses from the vendors they do business with.  You don’t pay more for the trip, the travel agent can get you the same price that you find on the internet, and you get another person helping you plan the trip of a lifetime.   However, there can be a PLANNING FEE for people who just want help getting things setup.

The picture is myself and my sister, Brenda Elliott, my mentor!  Brenda has been helping people travel the world for decades.  When you book with me, you also get her expertise.